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with the sound of music is a global platform which allows users to interact with DJ’s from around the world. Created by Global Promotions, a Belizean based company, it offers an eclectic mix of DJ’s boasting different styles of juggling. The site aims to connect users worldwide to allow exchange of different genres of music and cultures. Through music, we become one, no matter race, creed or colour. “Music is the universal language of mankind.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. For marketing packages contact: 011-501-633-4443 0r 011-501-661-737 Contributors:  

This year's Lineup

  • Panel Style

    Panel Style

    different borders

    This theme comes with a
    different handcrafted panel
    border for each style.
  • Parallax


    background effect

    Amazing parallax
    effect to enhance your
    background images.
  • Slideset


    bonus style

    Neat Widgetkit Slideset
    bonus style with a special
    image overlay.
  • Image Sources

    Image Sources

    fully editable

    Frequency includes fully
    editable Adobe Fireworks
    image source files.
  • UIkit


    full integration

    Includes all UIkit features,
    like LESS variables and
    the Customizer.
  • Handdrawn


    neat styling

    Beautiful handmade style
    with a modern layout and
    latest technologies.
  • Style Variations

    Style Variations

    eight included

    Eight style variations,
    including colors, fonts
    and backgrounds.
  • Warp7

    Warp 7

    theme framework

    Built with the latest
    version of the Warp
    theme framework.

Get in touch

Telephone. 011-501-633-4443
Location. Maxborough,
Belize District,
Belize, Central America
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