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SOHN (born Christopher Taylor) is an English musician, songwriter and producer based in Vienna, Austria. Born in South London and taught to play guitar and piano, Taylor relocated to Vienna in 2010. After dissolving his previous project Trouble Over Tokyo in 2012, Taylor began releasing new music (Oscillate and Warnings) via Soundcloud under the pseudonym SOHN. Aesop announced he would release an EP, and released tracks The Wheel and Red Lines which earned critical acclaim for their vocal melodies and precise production. The Wheel EP was released in November 2012 and reached #18 on the Amazing Radio Top 40. In April 2013, Taylor signed to 4AD. His first release through 4AD, Bloodflows, reached #1 on the Amazing Radio chart and Pitchfork described as “a vocal showcase and SOHN’s most sorrowful, powerful success yet.” In September, follow up track Lessons was released with an Olivier Groulx-directed, Dazed & Confused-premiered music video. In April 2014, debut album Tremors was released with lead single Artifice. The album charted in several European countries and received favorable reviews. In 2015 the world got a larger taste of sohn with the song “Tremors” at the end of one of the most gripping episodes of Fifty Cent’s “Power”series on Starz . Along with his own work, Taylor has also worked with other artists – writing and producing Banks’s Alibi and Waiting Game, remixing Lana Del Rey’s Ride, and producing songs on Rita Ora’s new album. Sohn is definately an artist to pay attention to.

J musiq

Born in Georgia, JMusiQ started out as a kid who just had a swift way with words, and it was not until the age of 15 that he realized his talents. After experiencing peer pressure from his now long time friend and producer DFree, JMusiQ decided to take his skills seriously. Writing his own music, influenced by his life experiences and having moved to Nigeria by the age of 9, then relocating to California, the art of flowetry just came easy to JMusiQ. Everyone experiences defining moments through out life that help us define who we are as individuals. Winning the “battle of the bands” in High School was the defining moment when JMusiQ realized that he had found his true calling with music. Constantly honing his skills while attending school full time, JMusiQ has faithfully performed throughout the Los Angeles area and built a solid fan base of teens and college students. While signed to Grind Kings under the artist name “Jared” His first EP, entitled “All the Way ” was an amazing experience for him. JMusiQ has also performed at the Nigerian Presidential inauguration in 2011 and the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2013; his video for “I’m Gone” made it on MTV Africa and other major video outlets. JMusiQ has been featured on a handful of successful mixtapes coming out of California, including The BlaQOut, a BlaQ Kennedy project, and Southern Cali Bullshit (SCBS) a One Six project. The musically nourished artist inspired by the success of great originators like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Eminem just to name a few. Without a doubt from the beginning, JMusiQ held a promising dedication in his heart to the creation of music. Currently JMusiQ is focused on promoting his newest project, MusiQ. “MusiQ is an introduction to my solo career orchestrated by me. This is my first project where I haven’t had any outside influences directing me. This is very much my vision for what I want my music to be. In just 8 songs this project reveals so much, it’s uplifting, it’s sexy, and it’s a fun listen.” A businessman first: Handling his own publishing and newly graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelors degree in Communications, JMusiQ now attends UCLA’s Music Certificate program. JMusiQ is anything but ordinary, he shows that through his many accolades. Producer, DFree is the backbone of his cinematic sounds and breathes the life of the party into the music that he creates for JMusiQ. Currently JMusiQ is number 1 on the National Airplay Independent Chart, #98 on the National Airplay Top 200 Chart, and number 21 on the National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. A West coast tour in being planned for JMusiQ to promote his EP MusiQ, his charting lead single California Dreamin’ and it’s video release. Recent press for JMusiQ includes his in studio interview on BReal.TV and several premium features on sites like Rhyme Junkie, Examiner, ThisIs50,, and more. To keep up with please visit For media inquiries please contact Website: iTunes: BILLBOARD MUSIC STORE: Twitter: Facebook: SoundCloud: