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“World a reggae music on yah – eh Keep me rockin with me daughter” Words of the great Ini Kamoze. Now you might be pondering how these words tie in to who has to be the GREATEST Reggae artist the world has seen since Bob Marley. This artist’s success story begins long before him. We start with taking a brief history in the music which is worldwide, Reggae. Ini Kamoze has been one of the most influential artists to most of the biggest names in modern reggae and dancehall. He had many hits in the 80’s including General, world a reggae, wings with me and here comes the hot stepper which avid listeners of the genre from yesteryear could tie easily to this generations favorites such as welcome to jam rock from Damian Marley and Here comes trouble from chronixx and even protoje with Kinston be wise which he sampled from Ini’s “England “. The music of chronixx has certainly been influenced by other artists such as Jacob “killer” Miller , Peter tosh , Bob Marley and other artist from areas of ska and rocksteady.