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An open letter from Amadi Nadeen Hall to XXXtentacion

*Read/Share if you care to*…I wanna speak about this young man’s death & how it has affected me. A hypocrite in my own right: I NEVER listened to his music nor had any interest to due to the drama surrounding his name.👁 After news of his death yesterday, I was sad but not concerned. X had a long list of troubles: those that were inflicted upon him & those that he inflicted upon others (domestic abuse, homophobia, etc) It was because of this, that I chose to disassociate myself from him & his music.💡
I couldn’t sleep last night & his death was on my mind, so naturally, I FINALLY decided to listen to his material – I was taken aback. His music was so deep, emotional & reflective: I could hear the pain in his voice & he sang/rapped of his struggles w/ mental health, of which I can certainly resonate with.🧠 Since news of this I’ve seen monstrous comments & countless ppl rejoicing in his death & making a mockery of his life. I will never defend his acts, he was no saint, as none of us are – but we are not defined by our mistakes, by our demons, by our detrimental past. We are defined by the present & how we mold our future.🗣 He was on a path to positivity, change & enlightenment. He tried to squash all his beefs & advised his rapper comrades to do the same. He talked about prosperity, meditation, loving ourselves & others, etc. But no one wants to hear or recognize that, it’s much easier to highlight our downfalls than rejoice in our accomplishments, right?🔍 X, wherever you are, I want you to know that your music & message has impacted my life tremendously. Many will judge & never try to understand you, but I see myself in you & I get it man, I totally get it. Rest In Peace & live on in another dimension, you are LOVED👼🏽🕉
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