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Kwayze Judah

Hearing Kwayze perform live at a music conference held at Black Orchid Resort in (Burrel Boom) Belize in early 2015 was certainly a treat to my ears. Sitting with the likes of Legendary Lloyd Stanbury , jamaican lawyer and international music business consultant and world renowned rapper shyne , everyone in the house had to pay attention immediately. His sound took me back to watching a sunsplash event with the Sagittarius Band. His flow with the blue hole band was exceptional, My words exactly were , ” this rasta ya bad , know how fi ride a riddim.” As shyne pointed out “now him I would spend money on.” Everyone in the audience was captivated with his word and sound power. The voice, that vintage sound, the vintage flow , one can only say he belongs on a world stage with major acts performing. Watching him ride every riddim the band threw at him then going into a freestyle with wife chef india it was like a luciano fused with capleton meeting lauren hill as india blazed with an east coast fugee /spoken word flow and him  blending smooth hartical vibes . For more on the artist check out

Global Spin 2015 Awards

tumblr inline nve77kiaVb1r1sixa 250   The evolution of Dj’ing could be said to have started from that one iconic phrase, “two turn tables and a microphone. Dependent on what part of the world you’re from, some would say they would tie it to that moment hearing the fusion of one song into another or beat overlays with beats and rhymes in the beginning of that hip hop era. Others would say it was watching the dj’s in the dancehall playing beats on 45’s and LP versions or playing what are considered as dubplates or specials calling out another sound systems . It’s hard to actually say that defining moment of the first pioneer to do certain things using turntables and needles but there certainly was that foundation being set and veterans being created. The exclusiveness of Dj’ing back then where only a selective few who had “tools” which made it not only a defining moment but as for the momentum that was garnered for this new art form certainly set the stage for what can be called exponential growth. In technology we went from cassettes to cd’s to everything being changed from analog to digital. All of this being translated into massive forms of financial gain in all sectors. In the dancehall and hip hop scene artists were paid to cut specials added to just being paid for performances or sales of records as US artists or other genres who were making their own royalties from producing songs alone.The Dj’s being the holders of the keys to success were the ones that created the buzz for these same artists to be considered as hot or not.

Welcome to Jam rock Reggae Cruise

wtjrr   The first annual Welcome To Jam Rock Cruise was held last year from Oct 20th to the 25th with a star studded line up of jamaican artist ranging from the Marley Brothers, Baby cham, Shaggy ,Tarrus Riley,  to Busy Signal , Bounty Killa ,Wayne Marshall , Morgan Heritage , Etana and more. In the sound system arena there were greats like Stone Love , David Rodigan, King Jammys ,Mighty Crown , Rennaisance and more that played for the events. It was a first of its kind and was quickly sold out . 2015 Damian gives the world not one but two cruises this time around running from NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 5, 2015 with a route of MIAMI : OCHO RIOS : MONTEGO BAY and DECEMBER 5 – 10, 2015 with a route of  MIAMI : FALMOUTH : OCHO RIOS. These two nights bring back some familiar faces like The Marleys , Bounty Killa , Tarrus Riley , Jah Cure  and many more with new faces like Super Cat , Protoje , Capleton ,Tanya Stevens and several other artists being added . For sound system lovers just added are classics like Saxon ,Bass Odyssey and Metro Media with returning veterans likeStone Love and Rennaisance will be on board. These two nights of what can be considered as the ultimate dancehall experience on the high seas is highly anticipated and promises to again fullfill passengers’ musical reggae fantasies. For more info log on to

Ras Indio

3 time Award winning Belizean Reggae/Dancehall Artist Ras Indio has gained his respect in Belize & around the world as the #1 reggae artist representing Belizeans on the international musical map.He Spreads a positive vibe with his unique lyrical delivery, combined with an energetic stage presence that is sure to Light up every stage & Ignite any audience. His musical style is 1 of Traditional African & Belizean elements mixed with the hardcore sound of Roots Reggae, lyrically filled with Inspirational messages of Truth & Righteousness.Ras Indio, aka David Cynque Obi, was born in Los Angeles, California on September 23, 1976 to Belizean parents, Bredda David Obi & Ms. Beaulah Heusner. His creativity is evident in his Musical Lineage, as his Father is a well-known Belizean musician, and the Innovator of Belizean Kungo Music. As a 9 year old youth, Ras Indio relocated to Belize, learning the keyboards with the Guidance of his Father. He began performing at local events throughout Belize at age 12 as the keyboardist in his Father’s band, “Tribal Vibes”. Between the Ages of 15-21, He made annual trips with the band, internationally touring Mexico, USA, & parts of Europe.


“World a reggae music on yah – eh Keep me rockin with me daughter” Words of the great Ini Kamoze. Now you might be pondering how these words tie in to who has to be the GREATEST Reggae artist the world has seen since Bob Marley. This artist’s success story begins long before him. We start with taking a brief history in the music which is worldwide, Reggae. Ini Kamoze has been one of the most influential artists to most of the biggest names in modern reggae and dancehall. He had many hits in the 80’s including General, world a reggae, wings with me and here comes the hot stepper which avid listeners of the genre from yesteryear could tie easily to this generations favorites such as welcome to jam rock from Damian Marley and Here comes trouble from chronixx and even protoje with Kinston be wise which he sampled from Ini’s “England “. The music of chronixx has certainly been influenced by other artists such as Jacob “killer” Miller , Peter tosh , Bob Marley and other artist from areas of ska and rocksteady.